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Welcome to the Madness!

What is Madness Fantasy?

Madness Fantasy is an indie game made with rpgmaker2003 with a gta-oriented gameplay. There's a city map to explore, and you'll have to take on some hilarious missions in 27 game chapters.

The gameplay is very diversified due to multiple minigames and secondary quests.

Make sure to don't miss the craziest gaming experience ever!

Watch the story trailer to see how far the Madness can go!!

The story

Jackie, Max, Marv, Hank and Dex are five inseparable friends. As life goes on boring, they decide to went to OddCity disco. During the night out Hank meets a guy and here come the problems. There's a police raid and our heroes are taken to the police station and forced to work undercover to be able to infiltrate the Big I, the gangster organization that rules the town.

Then a life changing adventure begins, making them face unexpected situations and troubles.


Madness Fantasy's soundtrack was created by Alessandro Talora. It is composed of 62 original songs.


The game presents a very precise plot, rich in dialogues and funny situations, but also some serious and deeper moments. It's a journey, a total immersion in the characters' adventure, a long lasting emotion which show you all the characters' different aspects and make you live unforgettable experiences!

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(Full game will be soon available! Only Italian/English languages available)

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